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Monday, February 2nd, 2009

A couple of last points to make regarding the Super Bowl…

  1. You’ve got to love Ben Roethlisberger for giving love to his O-Line after the game, even though his front 5 had him scrambling the field all night. I have a soft spot for the big guys up front (so much so that I married one!) and it’s great to see them get credit for something other than an off-sides or holding penalty. Big Ben is not only a great quarterback but a smart leader as well, because nothing motivates a lineman more than knowing his quarterback has his back.
  2. If you’ve never listened to Colin Cowherd on ESPN radio you should start. His commentary is smart, funny and thought provoking. This morning he made a good case that the Steelers should replace the Cowboys as “America’s Team”. I tried to get an excerpt of his comments but here is the gist of it. He basically said that if Americans are lazy, spoiled, prima donnas that can’t deliver when it counts then the Cowboys should indeed be America’s team. If Americans are honest, hardworking, down-to-earth people who know how to win when it counts then the Steelers should be America’s team. I don’t know about you, but I vote for the Steelers.
  3. Is it just me or is Steeler head coach Mike Tomlin hot? He was interviewed after the game with his wife and three kids. There is nothing sexier than a man who loves his family!!!images1


Because Boys Do It All The Time (and it’s fun!)

Sunday, January 25th, 2009

Scan over the magazine stands at your local grocery store and on any given men’s magazine cover you’re likely to find lists of hot women. I am a strong, secure, intelligent woman and I have absolutely no problem with this.

While many ladies find these list “offensive”  in the way they “objectify” women, I have to admit I get a kick out of reading them. And in my deeper moments of self-observation (which as you get to know me in my posts you’ll see I don’t take myself too seriously) I ask myself, “How can I persecute men for participating in the same juvenile ranking system that my best friend JM and I revel in anytime we attend a sporting event together?”

Here is a brief example of a conversation we recently had while watching pre game warm-ups at a football game. 

JM: I love men in football pants.

Chick: Definitely some nice butts out there.

JM: Yeah, number &* has a really nice one.

Chick: Sure does. Wait, that guy over there? I’d like to reach out and squeeze his butt. Who is that? I can’t see his number?

JM: That’s my husband.

Chick: Wow! I never realized what a great butt *&^%^ has. Good for you!

JM: Thanks!

Obviously, in real life we are much more sophisticated and articulate and our conversations go into greater detail (i.e., we also analyze their legs, biceps, chests and facial features) but you get the idea. Women have the same conversations about men that men do about women.

So with that in mind here is my list of the TOP 5 HOTTEST NHL ALL-STARS:

1. Nicklas Lidstrom (Detroit Red Wings) I wasn’t even going to put him on the list until I found this pic and he instantly soared to #1. This sexy Swede, in his 16th NHL season, all of which have been in a Red Wings’ uniform (score points for team loyalty!) is considered by most to be the best defenseman of his time. n48602206_32439231_339222. Sheldon Souray (Edmonton Oilers) He has that sort of “I’m too sexy for my shirt” look about him. He’s hot and I’m pretty sure he knows it.0-shelly-intro3. Zach Parise (New Jersey Devlis) This little devil is quite the cutie and once he’s old enough to shave he’ll be down right sizzlin’.8470610

4. Jerome Iginla (Calgary Flames) The undisputed king of Calgary is well-known for his amazing talents on the ice but is just as renowned for being an all-around good guy. Plus, he’s married to his high school sweetheart, you gotta love that!200px-jarome_iginla_20085. Vincent Lecavalier (Tampa Bay Lightening)Though he isn’t exactly my cup of tea (I tend to go more for the ruggedly handsome type) but I can still appreciate his appeal. Plus he scores points on the ice and on this list by being a Christian Bale look-alike and with his spread in the 03′ Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.2110010_lightning_v_panthers


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