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Favre Retires

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

images15Brett Favre has announced his retirement from professional football after 18 seasons. After a swarm of attention last year after retiring then having a change of heart just as training camp began the Green Bay Packers traded Favre to the New York Jets. 

Favre is one of those gritty, stubborn, good ol’ boys who played the game his way- tough and 110%. He didn’t always say the right thing or look pretty playing the game but more often than not he got the job done by way of sheer willpower. 

He leaves professional football having created some memorable moments for fans and though his shoes as a quarterback may be filled, don’t look for his place as a unique and honorable character within his sport to be filled anytime soon.

The NFL won’t be as compelling, exciting or as entertaining without him


NFL Playoff Picks

Saturday, January 17th, 2009

images-1Okay, I’ll keep this short and sweet. My picks for this weekends NFL Conference Championships- 

I’ll take the Cardinals over the Eagles. Kurt Warner has been down and out more times than I can count but he is the master of the feel-good comeback story and I don’t think this story is over just yet.

With the Ravens and the Steelers I’ll pick the Ravens. Joe Flacco is to 2008 what Ben Roethlisberger was to 2004. But Flacco will take it one step further than Big Ben did in his rookie season, this Raven will spread his wings and fly straight to the Super Bowl.


Rhodes Scholar Rolle Puts NFL on Hold

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

56281428Myron Rolle, a Florida State safety projected to be an early- round pick in the NFL draft has decided to postpone entry into the draft to 2010 so he can pursue a 1-year master’ s degree from Oxford.

This Rhodes scholar  plans to attend medical school after the NFL and open a free medical clinic in the Bahamas. 

Who says there are no good role models left out there for kids?????


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