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Caddy Knows Best

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009



As if the newly released photos of Tiger Woods’ new son, Charlie Axel weren’t enough to keep the tongues of duffers around the world wagging, news is that everyone’s favorite swinger (of golf clubs, that is) may be ready for his return to competition.

According to Steve Williams, Tiger Woods’ caddie, Tiger is “a few weeks” away from a return to the PGA Tour and could decide within days where that return will take place.


“He’s probably 95 percent of the way there. He was waiting for the birth of his second child which just came last week so he’s ready to go. He just needs a little bit more walking. He hasn’t been able to walk too well,” he added.

“Anytime in the next few weeks he’s going to tee it up. He definitely wants to play a couple of tournaments before Augusta so any day now he’s going to make a decision when he’s going to play.”

This is obviously great news to golf fans. Woods has not played since having surgery on his left knee a week after winning the U.S. Open last June.


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