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It’s Nadal v. Federer, Again

Friday, January 30th, 2009

I was really hoping for a different outcome. After an amazing 5+ hour semifinal match it will once again be Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer in the finals of a Grand Slam event. But that’s not the big story here.

I turned on the t.v. this morning for my daughter to watch Mickey Mouse so I could throw in a load of laundry (Yes, I know. The life of a stay-at-home-mom is very glamourous). The t.v. was tuned to ESPN and in the final set of the Verdasco/Nadal match. I was on the edge of my seat hoping the underdog, Verdasco could pull off a dramatic upset.

In the end of course he wasn’t able to overcome, losing the tiebreaker with a double fault. But for anyone watching, it was a chance to see what great sports is all about. Two fierce competitors battling back and fourth until finally, when it couldn’t possibly go on any longer on of them breaks. Good stuff!

On a side note, how could I have left Verdasco off my list of hot tennis players???? Well, I’m officially adding him. He may have lost against Nadal, but don’t feel too sorry for Fernando. I’m sure his girl, Ana Ivanovic will help him recover.b_0829_043_verdasco


Balls Not Only Flying Objects at Open

Friday, January 23rd, 2009


  • Flying Objects Part I    The biggest story of the day wasn’t a battle on the courts between two highly-disciplined, well-trained athletes. No, day six brought us a full-out ethnic scuffle between fans of Novak Djokovic and Amer Delic. Chairs, bottles and racial slurs were sent flying as the Serbian supporters of Djokovic and the Bosnian fans of Delic clashed just as the match wrapped up with Djokovic coming out victorious. One woman was hit in the head by a projectile chair but not seriously injured and police quickly got the ruffians under control.
  • Ana Ivanovic, one of our Hot Sporty Chicks, was ousted from the competition by Russia’s Alisa Kleybanova.
  • In the battle of brooding handsomeness Roger Federer came out ahead (on our list and on the court) over Marat Safin. After the match Safin remarked to reporters that this would likely be his last year of competition.
  • Everyone’s favorite American tennis star, Andy Roddick advanced to the next round.
  • Flying Objects Part II  The Williams’ sisters, Venus and Serena won their doubles match despite being distracted by a naked man (and no doubt his jiggly objects) dancing across the court. The nudie and his unmentionable parts were contained and arrested by police.


Give the Ladies Their Due

Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

Since I shamelessly plastered pics of shirtless tennis hunks on this blog yesterday and objectified them by ranking their “hotness”, I asked myself, “Why not do the same for the ladies?” recently came out with their picks for the Top 99 Women of 2009. And I was happy to see the sporty chicks held their own on a list littered with models and actresses. Here’s to the strong, athletic ladies out there who prove that you can be sporty and sexy at the same time!

#96 on the list is tennis star Ana Ivanovic, the 1st Serbian to win a Grand Slam Title (the French Open in 2008).images1#91 Danica Patrick is hot on and off the racetrack. She’s competing in a sport dominated by men and she’s showing them what we’ve known all along,  that women really do belong in the driver’s seat. With 9 top 10 finishes in 2008 and a 1st place finish at the Indy Japan 300, 2009 could be a big year for Danica.images-11#86 on the list is Leryn Franco, a javelin thrower from Paraguay who competed in both the Beijing and Athens Olympic Games. In 06′ she was the runner up in the Miss Paraguay pageant. images-2#83 Maria Sharapova is everywhere these days (except for the tennis court due to a torn rotator cuff) with endorsement deals up the wazzu. She’s hot  so she (and her dog, a la the Cannon commercials) might was well capitalize on it.images-3#73 on the list is “the face of women’s MMA” (that’s Mixed Martial Arts or Ultimate Fighting) Gina Carano. Carano, who also appears on American Gladiators as “Crush” has a 7-0 record in MMA.gina_carano


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